Welcome To CloudTomo

CloudTomo is a new company that is redefining cloud data security. We have begun to build technology that will offer customers the ability to take advantage of cloud computing while being confident that their data and emails are fully secure.

CloudTomo technology will enable users to store their information safely encrypted in the cloud. Our unique technology allows them to perform cloud-side search and email processing, without the risk of their data being accessed by any third party, including the cloud service provider. Our technology enables users and service providers to lock down where and how their cloud data is stored and what can be done with their data while it is held in the cloud.

CloudTomo will license our technology to SaaS providers, cloud service providers and system integrators so they can offer trusted secure services to government, corporate and public users without the risk of an internal data breach in their organisations while maintaining the ability to manage their cloud estates.

CloudTomo's technology is truly innovative. We would be pleased to discuss our patent pending solutions with prospective customers, partners and investors.